About Us




Kim Soon Lee, founded by the late Mr Lim Chai Kiui, started off as a small Lorry Transport Company in 1968.

Similar to many other businesses, Mr Lim wore many hats then – being the manager, sales person, driver and billing
clerk. It was a hard and bumpy road but with tenacity, determination and financial prudence, Mr Lim grew the
business and expanded it. By the 1980s, Kim Soon Lee has earned a good name of being a “Heavy and oversized
Equipment” transport company in the market.



As the business continued to expand in the 1990s, Mr Lim roped in his sons to assist in the running of the company.

Working from ground up, this second generation of Lims soon recognised a need to reorientate and reposition the Company’s services to better meet the changing needs of the 21st century. As such, a concerted effort was made in around the year 2002 to change Kim Soon Lee from a road transport company to one that provides an all-in-one cargo handling company. It was also in the same year that Kim Soon Lee started a project department – one that specialises in doing very difficult and cumbersome moving and transport jobs. In 2005, a slogan “One Stop Transport and Moving Specialists” was coined to aptly reflect what Kim Soon Lee has to offer to the public.



To date, Kim Soon Lee operates a large fleet of over 220 vehicles.

It consists of lorries, lorry cranes, mobile cranes, prime movers and forklifts of various capacity. In addition, there are also more than 250 units of trailers of various sizes that can be used to haul all sorts of small or large objects. It’s Headquarter is a 5 acre office cum yard in Bedok Central, just opposite the Bedok MRT. In Tuas, the company owns and operate a huge yard of 8 acres consisting of 200,000 square feet of indoor warehouse space In 2021, in the depth of COVID, Kim Soon Lee purchased a 4 acre heavy vehicle park in Tampines, allowing itself to be self sufficient in the parking of its heavy vehicles. Finally in late 2023, Kim Soon Lee completed the purchase of a 3 acre warehouse in Jalan Terusan. With 250,000 sqft of covered warehouse space, this purchase further enabled Kim Soon Lee to increase its warehousing capability.