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Kim Soon Lee, being a leading “One Stop Transportation and Moving Specialist” in Singapore, is invariably involved in numerous big scale or high profile jobs in the island. Some of them included the following:
September 2014 Transportation F1 Cars For 2014 F1 Singapore Grand Prix Event
Kim Soon Lee is engaged to transport all the historic cars for the Masters Historic Racing which is part of F1 Singapore Grand Prix Event held between 19 September to 21 September 2014.

We provided several platform trailers and lorries for the transportation before the start and completion of the event and the arrangement is a huge success!

March – December 2013 Loading, Transportation and Unloading of Locomotives

In early 2013, we clinched the job of transporting locomotives among the various depots of SMRT.

This job requires precise calculation of lifting radius and angle as well as submission of transport plans to the relevant safety departments before job commencement.

A big crane, with custom made lifting gears is utilized for the loading and unloading of the locomotive. But In certain space constraint areas, 2 cranes are required, which made the operation even more challenging as the cargo has to be constantly kept at the same balanced level. Heavy duty long trailers are used for the transport job, escorted at the same time by auxiliary police at night.

In all, more than 10 locomotives of various sizes were transported during the year and they were all successfully carried out.

June 2013 Shifting, Transportation and Positioning of BreadTalk Machines and Equipment from Old to New Premise

Starting from mid 2013, we undertook the arduous task of moving and transporting the machines and equipment of Breadtalk and its subsidiaries such as Ding Tai Fung, from their old plant at Kampong Ampat to their new headquarters at Tai Seng drive.

Everything from kitchenette equipment to raw materials are shifted, loaded up onto our trucks and transported over to the new premise. For bigger equipment that cannot be moved through lift, we had our mobile cranes with platform and movers to hoist them up. Special care was taken to protect the epoxy flooring and numerous steel plates were placed on the ground to enable equipment to “cross” through the complicated networks of drains and pipings.

This move is not only restricted to old equipment. New machines are added to it where they are trucked from the seaport direct to our warehouse at Eunos, unstuffed, then delivered right to the doorstep of the new premise.

In all, about a hundred truckload of equipment and materials are moved and transported over. We successfully meet the deadline set and the various eateries opened as planned in the later part of the year.

June 2012 Relocation of ReDiffusion Radio Station

The closure of Rediffusion in mid 2012 left many, especially the older generation people reeling wth a sense of bitterness. Thus when Kim Soon Lee was approached with the job of relocating the invaluable records of this radio staion, it took up the job readily. Tons of records spread over several decades were packed, labelled and transported from the old premise to a desigated warehouse. Great care were taken to protect the records from getting scratched or damaged during this transit. The whole relocation job was completed within the allocated time and no item was known to be damaged in this whole exercise.

June 2012 Transportation, Moving, Tilting and Erection of Telecom Monopole at St John’s Island

In mid 2012, Kim Soon Lee was contacted to transport, shift and erect a telecom monopole (verticle stand) of about 30m high in the outlying island of St John’s. Other than the buildings in Sentosa and Jurong island, this structure is the highest man-made one among the southern islands. The monopole first came in different parts and were transported via a barge in loose to St John’s island. The difficult part was to travel from St John’s island jetty to the final destination at a hill top. 

As the island has no proper vehicle track, our crane had to drive through the jogger’s walkway, grass patches and road curbs, in the process even removing shrubs so that it can reach the intended location. More challenges lie ahead as our crane and lifting personnels had to adhere strictly to the work schedule as all personnels had to leave the island by 6pm. Despite the hostile environment, our men did not succumb to pressure and completed the whole erection job within the targeted 4 days.

March – May 2012 Transportation, Erection and Fixing of Waste Processing Plant

In 2012, Kim Soon Lee won the job of transporting, fixing and erecting of a waste processing plant. This was one project which involved almost all the departments in the company. Imported materials stuffed inside containers were first trucked by our prime movers from the port to the plant at Tuas. After that, our lorry cranes, forklifts and manpower unstuffed these materials from the containers. Thereafter, mobile cranes and lifting personnels, with the aid of mancages and boomlifts, took over to hoist the different components to the required positions.

Finally, our movers and fitters completed the job by fixing and bolting these components together. For 2 months, personnels from the different departments of our company worked tirelessly to assemble a whole plant from scratch. Despite the tough weather conditions and frequent impromptu changes to the erection procedures, the whole plant was erected and functional by the end of the second month.

Jan 2010 – December 2011 Dismantling of ERP Gantry

From 2010 to 2011, Kim Soon Lee won the rights to dismantle, remove and transport several ERP gantries throughout Singapore. Given only 5 hours at mid night to remove the structures at each location, there was absolutely no room for any error to happen. From supplying of equipment and welders to cut the beams, to using of cranes and boom lifts to remove and hoist down the whole structure, Kim Soon Lee exhibited its ability to undertake complicated engineering and transportation jobs within a given timeframe, and we are proud to announce that each site was completed before the allocated time.

2011 Relocation of Sun Yat Sen Tablet

In 2011, Kim Soon Lee was awarded the job of removing and erecting a 12 ton granite tablet from the Sun Yat Sen memorial Hall to the new Sun Yat Sen Park. The moving of this tablet, bearing the words “天下为公” by Mr Sun, posed numerous challenges to Kim Soon Lee. Firstly, the structure had to be removed in its entirety from the ground, including the foundation. Secondly, it had to be tilted without a scratch for transportation to take place. Thirdly, it had to be hoisted and positioned perfectly straight at its new location. To what many people see as ‘mission impossible’, Kim Soon Lee managed to overcome the above obstacles one after another and completed the job within 3 days.

2012-2014 – Construction of Singapore Sports Hub

Kim Soon Lee is heavily involved in the supply of transportation and lorry/mobile crane services to the various main and sub-contractors in the Singapore Sports Hub. Items transported ranging from scaffolding materials to oversized long steel structures.

December 2010 – Nov 2013 – Logistics Provider for Performances and Events at Singapore Indoor Stadium and Marina Bay Sands.

Since 2010, Kim Soon Lee clinched the job of transporting, storage, transferring and re exporting of containers containing props and materials of several big scale performances and shows in Singapore. To date, some of the accomplished jobs are “Walking with dinosaur”, the “Lion King” and “Wicked”. Tight delivery schedules, last minutes changes to planning and space constraints at sites are some of the usual problems we encountered when handling such jobs. With our yard at Eunos, being in close proximity to these performance venues serving as the transfer hub, containers and cargoes can be rapidly deployed and transported, enabling last minute requests to be fulfilled.

Jan 2007 – Dec 2013 – Construction of Marina Coastal Expressway [ECP/KPE Interchange] and Marina Integrated Resort

Kim Soon Lee is heavily involved in the supply of transportation and crane services to the various sub contractors in the Marina Coastal Expressway and Marina Integrated Resort. Items transported ranged from metal coils to test blocks and to big piling machines.

May 2010 – September 2010 Inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore

Kim Soon Lee is honoured to be invited to participate as one of the transporter and mover of odd sized cargoes for the First youth Olympic games held in Singapore. Transporting of these items – ranging from football goal post to sailing boats and from pontoons to tentages – was actually not difficult. The gruelling part was to meet the short turnaround time and unpredictable site access which made planning a uphill job. Transporting cargoes round the clock for days became a normal occurrence during the peak.

September 2009 Erection and Installation of Waste Processing Plant

Kim Soon Lee was commissioned by a waste management company to erect and install equipment that would culminate into a whole new plant at Tuas View. From the hoisting of 50 tons chamber onto place to the tilting of 30 meters high chimney, our crane operators and lifting personnals worked tirelessly for 12 days to meet the schedule set by our client. Great effort was also put into ensuring that our fitters can fit and bolt all parts of the equipment to one another. Boom lift and at times, man cages lifted by cranes were at times used to propel our fitters to secure connecting parts at height. Indeed, this job witnessed the usage of a wide spectrum of lifting and moving equipment, almost all of which were supplied from our own stock.

June 2008 – December 2010 Exxon Mobile SPT Project in Jurong Island

Kim Soon Lee was one of the first transport contractors supplying lorry cranes and prime movers with trailers to this renowned project. The high inspection and working standards set by the operators of this plant was unparalled, and one which Kim Soon Lee took pride in – in able to accede to the high safety demands and becoming one of the largest supplier of lorry cranes and trailers to various contractors in this plant.

Early 2008 Dismantling, Transportation and Re-fixing of Wooden boat

A giant Wooden boat had stood in Punggol for ages and Kim Soon Lee was tasked to transport it to a country club at Sembawang. But so large was it that it could not be transported on the road without dismantling. Hence, we undertook to saw off the upper level of the boat consisting of the cabin and had it transport separately. The body of the boat was subsequently escorted to Sembawang. At the latter, a big crane was engaged to unload the boat, followed by the re-assembling and fitting of the dismantled cabin back onto the Boat, precisely and without a hitch.

January 2007 Erection of LCD screen at Orchard Towers

Kim Soon Lee contracted the moving, transportation and erection of a LCD screen from Woodlands factory to Orchard Towers at Orchard Road in late 2006 and performed it in early 2007. Measuring 25ft x 10ft, the LCD screen was one of the biggest to be erected singled-pieced onto the walls of a building. From the closure of Orchard road, to the hoisting of the screen using 2 units of cranes simultaneously and the eventual positiong of it by our movers, Kim Soon Lee is proud to announce that everything went smoothly and the job was completed way ahead of schedule.

January 2006 Logistics Provider for Buddha Tooth Temple in Chinatown

Buddha Tooth Temple in Chinatown is poised to be a cultural icon once it is opened for visitors from mid 2007. For the past one and a half year prior to that, Kim Soon Lee is tasked by the temple to help solve its logistics problems. From trucking of loaded containers containing Buddhist artefacts and statues from the port, to unstuffing them at our warehouse, storing them thereafter and eventually transporting and positioning these statues into the temple, Kim Soon Lee put into practise our slogan of ‘One-Stop Transportation and Moving Specialist’ on a regular basis.

We have planned and executed the transportation and erection of some of the biggest Buddhist statues inside the temple, the tallest being 4.5 metres tall. The delicate nature of these statues and the limited space availablity in the temple made such tasks all the more challenging. At times, we have to manufacture moving equipment based on the specific sizes of the statues in order that the latter can be moved and erected vertically. In all, Kim Soon Lee is deeply honoured to be part of the team that contributes to the preservation of Chinese culture relics on the island.

October 2006 Supply of Lorry Crane with Man-Bucket to ‘Clothe’ Trees

In the month of October 2006, Kim Soon Lee was tasked to supply numerous units of lorry cranes fitted with man-bucket to lift technicians to trees tops, along Orchard road, where they would wrap tree branches with designer cloths. As time was very limited, we had to supply up to 5 units of cranes nightly to speed things up. Fortunately, the target was achieved after one week of intensive work and the master pieces were ‘opened’ with much fanfare thereafter.

We have planned and executed the transportation and erection of some of the biggest Buddhist statues inside the temple, the tallest being 4.5 metres tall. The delicate nature of these statues and the limited space availablity in the temple made such tasks all the more challenging. At times, we have to manufacture moving equipment based on the specific sizes of the statues in order that the latter can be moved and erected vertically. In all, Kim Soon Lee is deeply honoured to be part of the team that contributes to the preservation of Chinese culture relics on the island.